Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Short Stories Wednesday: An Ode to Woody Allen

The past few days have been one of those rare times when I’ve barely read anything. It’s been a hectic and scattered time. I did however; manage to sneak in a movie with hubby.  I’ve been meaning to watch Midnight in Paris for some time now and finally did. May I take a moment here to gush and coo over Woody Allen’s cinematic brilliance and the literary fantasy that is Midnight...? I don’t want to give anything away for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, but I must say that Paris and New York seem to bring out the very best in Allen.  Brilliantly shot and nicely performed (especially Hemmingway and Dali). 

For this week’s short story I picked one by Woody Allen as an ode to his comic genius. I’m not saying this is anywhere near as good as his movies, or even some of his older short stories, but it’s funny and light and this week I really need funny and light. In a crazy way, it’s very close to Midnight in Paris. Both protagonists are unfulfilled writers who are contemptuous of the movie business but willing to sell-out to it anyway. You will also find some of the writers appearing in the movie mentioned in this story as well.

Mr Biggs and the Boychick

Flanders Mealworm has written several books on ‘lofty philosophical themes’. Unfortunately only one of them has been published and even that wasn’t quite the success he had hoped it would be. None of this prevents him from thinking of himself as the next Fitzgerald.  Then, one day, E.Coli Biggs, a hotshot movie mogul calls and is keen to hire the talented Mr Mealworm.  But, talented or not, how much existential angst can he squeeze out of The Three Stooges?

This is a pretty short and fast read, if you don’t keep stopping to check the meaning of obscure words and names. Despite the sometimes crazy language and long winded sentences, Mr Biggs and The Boychick is understandable and accessible. And funny. Definitely read it if you like Allen’s brand of humor.

The story is a part of Mere Anarchy, a short story collection by Allen. You can read it online here.


  1. thanks so much for linking to these stories which I know nothing about-my favorite Woody Allan movie is Love and Death, his parody of War and Peace-it is just so perfect and totally hilarious

  2. I loved Love and Death though I have yet to read War and Peace.

  3. Honestly, I had no idea Woody Allan wrote a collection of short stories. Thanks for sharing! I keep telling myself that I need to read more short stories...

  4. Two Bibliomaniacs If you read any short stories do join in on the Short Stories on Wednesday event.

  5. I had no idea woody allen wrote short stories!...well, that he wrote at all! While I don't really take to his humour, I'll see if I can give this story a try. It sounds interesting...