Monday, September 10, 2012

A Classics Challenge- September Prompt

This month's prompt is to select a piece of...

...that you feel reflects the book. Modern, classical, jazz, anything, it doesn't have to be from the period of the novel but share what it is about the piece that echoes the novel in someway.

My Classic for this month is George Orwell's Animal Farm. I'm only 3 chapters in but so far, it's riveting. I don't listen to music when I'm reading. I find myself unable to concentrate on the story because music always gets me dreaming. 
     That said, Animal Farm has an anthem in the first chapter which would be fun to listen to as an accompaniment to the story. It is suggested that the anthem be set to the music of 'Clementine' or 'La Cucuracha' . Here are some of the lyrics if you want to take a stab at singing it :)

Beasts of England, Beasts of Ireland
Beasts of every land and clime,
Hearken to my joyful tidings
Of the golden future time.

Soon or late the day is coming,
tyrant man shall be o'erthrown,
and the fruitful fields of England 
shall be trod by beasts alone.

Rings shall vanish from our noses,
and the harness from our back,
bit and spur shall rust forever
cruel whips no more shall crack.

Riches more than mind can picture,
Wheat and Barley, Oats and Hay,
Clover, Beans, and Mangel-Wurzels
shall be ours upon the day.

Bright will shine the fields of England,
purer shall its waters be,
sweeter yet shall blow its breezes
on the day that sets us free.

for that day we all must labour,
though we die before it breaks;
Cows and Horses, Geese and Turkeys,
all must toil for freedom's sake.


  1. I love Animal Farm-I see it as worthy to sit on the shelve next to Voltaire and Samuel Johnson-

    here is a link to my first post for Book Blog Appreciation week, in which I mention your blog

    1. Thanks again Mel for the very flattering mention.

  2. I wonder if anyone can resist singing? I couldn't - very glad there was no one around to hear me. Great idea for a great book!

  3. I don't listen to music either when I read, but now I don't think I will be able to think of Animal Farm without humming Clementine.

    I still haven't read it, and don't feel particularly compelled to as I'm not into animal books like this, but your recommendation might change my mind.

    1. I would recommend it Jane, although I'm only halfway through. It's actually not so much an animal book as it is a political allegory. Think a politicized version of Lord of the Flies, with animals. Weird I know, but hopefully my review will make it clearer.